SeaMate Fe

A water-soluble powder that includes a balance of humic acid, fulvic acid, cold water seaweed, freshwater carbon, N-P-K (6-8-12), and iron (3%).

SeaMate Fe ® is our fully stocked water-soluble powder that blends all the benefits of humic and fulvic acids with premium seaweed and iron. The freshwater seaweed included with SeaMate® has proved through extensive trials to enhance the fertility programs that it's added to, and the added iron is highly beneficial for plants, particularly those suffering from iron chlorosis.

SeaMate Fe® in liquid concentrate.

SeaMate Fe® in liquid concentrate.

What does SeaMate Fe® do?

  • Helps prevent and treat iron chlorosis by providing a highly available chelated iron with natural chelators

  • Stimulates plant growth by delivering cytokinins, betaines, amino acids, and carbohydrates

  • Enhances the availability and uptake of nutrients

  • Provides a unique freshwater carbon that stimulates soil microorganisms

  • Buffers salts and toxins in the soil

What sets SeaMate Fe® apart?

1. Synergy. SeaMate Fe® contains a unique combination of premium humic substances and cold water seaweed that generates unparalleled plant response.

2. No sedimentation. Unlike many liquid humics, SeaMate Fe® won't cause clogging, due to our unique spray-drying process. The finished product is clean, consistent, and highly compatible with fertilizer blends.

How is SeaMate Fe® applied?

SeaMate Fe® can be both soil applied and foliar applied. For soil, apply at 8-16 oz/acre. For foliar applications, apply at 4-8 oz/acre.

Results using SeaMate Fe

Here’s a look at a trial in Florida, where SeaMate Fe was applied to a citrus orchard that was experiencing significant iron chlorosis.


Need more info?

Feel free to get in touch, and we'd be happy to provide you more information about SeaMate Fe®. Or click below to view the  PDF of the Product MSDS.

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