We know how valuable your crops are to your livelihood. And we know that you’ve got choices when it comes to humic acid suppliers. At Earthgreen, we pride ourselves on excelling in four key areas.



Our products consistently outperform competitive products in side-by-side tests that measure crop yield, quality, and most importantly: ROI. View our research results here.



Premium Source

Our products are derived from northwest New Mexico, the world’s premium source for freshwater humics. And we maintain millions of tons of reserves, ensuring high quality and consistent products for years to come.



Ease of Use

Our granular products are double-screened multiple times to ensure consistent sizing and reduction of dust. Our water-soluble products contain no insolubles, making them highly compatible with a wide range of fertilizers and easily applied through all application equipment.




We back our premium products with an equal level of customer service. By being a small, family-owned, vertically integrated company, we can react quickly to ensure our customer’s needs are met at all times.