Between 2013-2014, researchers at West Coast Grapes conducted a trial using Menefee Humate™ and SeaMate Fe on grapes in Modesto, California.



The trial consisted of two treatments each year. The first treatment, Control, included the Grower’s standard fertility program. The second treatment, Menefee Humate & SeaMate Fe, included the Grower’s standard fertility program and the following:
- 100 lbs of Menefee Humate® per acre, applied each April
- 4 oz/acre of SeaMate Fe, applied every two weeks for four applications during the growing season


  • Treated rows experienced a 34% increase in yield with Menefee Humate® + SeaMate Fe in 2013, and a 54% increase in 2014.

  • Rows treated with Menefee Humate® and SeaMate Fe experienced veraison quicker and more consistently. Additionally, treated rows showed more consistent sizing and bunching, and they degraded at a significantly slower rate than control rows. 

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