Humic acids are big, long-chain molecules that are dark brown and are soluble in an alkali solution. They are highly beneficial to the cell walls of living systems. They act as a dilator that increases the cell wall permeability .


Where do our products come from?

All of our products derive from the Menefee Formation located in the northwest corner of New Mexico. The formation is over 100 million years old, born in a time when prehistoric plants and animals of immense size and beauty inhabited the earth. The rich remains of that vegetation, sea life, and wildlife consist of valuable mineral deposits that are crucial to plant nutrition today.

This naturally occurring mineral material includes freshwater carbon that acts as a unique food source for indigenous microorganisms. The nutrient-rich material also includes a broad spectrum of organic acids and vital trace minerals that are crucial in crop production.

Why use our products?

Our products provide a wide array of benefits that contribute to soil and plant health. They:

·      Enhance the availability and uptake of plant nutrients

·      Improve resistance to stress

·      Provide a freshwater carbon food source to soil microbes

·      Enhance overall plant health and crop production